Keep The Campsite Clean For The Next Folks Who Come Along

Camping is one of the great American pastimes but if you get to your campsite and it's loaded with garbage it can be very annoying. This is not only something which can be quite annoying to people who just arrived but this is also something which can wind up damaging our planet and our wildlife. The sad reality is that it would only take folks about 5 minutes to make sure that they clean up all their garbage but for some reason this is just too much time for folks to invest. On this page we're going to be looking at a few of the negative affects this can have on our world in addition to our wildlife.

The very first thing you ought to be aware of is that the food you end up leaving behind on the ground could in fact end up attracting animals to the campsite. Not only can this be something which is dangerous for the next campers who show up, these animals may wind up eating rotten food and end up dying from this. Another thing I ought to point out is that animals can end up being injured by glass and aluminum cans that you leave behind and this could also lead to infections that can again result in death. To make matters even worse as these animals start to decompose in the woods it becomes the perfect breeding ground for disease and bacteria which can be spread around by other animals as well as insects to men and women.

Something else I ought to point out about leaving your garbage around in a campsite is that you are actually polluting our world even worse than it has already been polluted in past times. I would additionally like to mention that your garbage can wind up seeping into water supplies for instance a nearby lake or pond, which is clearly not a good thing. Of course once water supplies become polluted it can not only cause sickness to individuals who drink or bathe in this water, but it will additionally have a negative effect on the wildlife.

There's a lot of campsites around America which have a "carry in and carry out" policy in effect but many people simply ignore it. While nobody likes a tattletale, if you see folks leaving a campsite and leaving garbage behind you need to report them and hopefully they are going to not do it again in the future.

While this may be extremely annoying when you arrive at a campsite that is covered in garbage, this isn't something you should let ruin your fun mainly because you are able to actually clean this up in an incredibly short time. If this is something that happens to you when you go camping you ought to bear in mind that the men and women who actually take care of the campsite might know who was there before you so you need to report this. Camping is certainly a great American pastime and nobody wants to arrive at a site covered in garbage, so make sure you clean up before you leave and leave the site clean for the next men and here women.

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